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Being a Ballperson

Becoming a ballperson is a great way to see tennis closer than you ever have before. Joining the ball team is also an excellent way to meet new friends, exercise and see high quality tennis. Ballpersons must possess speed and agility, have good hand and eye coordination, excellent attention skills and a strong understanding of tennis rules and etiquette. 

Ballperson Requirements:

•    Must be 12 years old by August 1, 2014.

•    Must be available to work the first 5 days of the tournament, August 9th – 13th.  Ballpersons will be used on an as needed basis the balance of the tournament dates.

•    Must submit a volunteer application

•    Must sign a volunteer waiver.

•    All new and 2nd year ballpersons must register online and attend one of the following weekend training sessions.

o    Session 1 – May 17th  & 18th  from 9:30am – noon

o    Session 2 – June 14th  & 15th  from  9:30am – noon

•    Must work a minimum of 5 days

•    If selected, must purchase the tournaments official ballperson shoe provided by Wilson at a reduced cost of $50.


Ballperson Benefits:

Being a ballperson has its benefits!  Not only will you get the personal pride and excitement of being involved with the tournament, you also will receive the following benefits:

Qualifier Level – Work 5-6 shifts you receive:

•    An exclusive ballperson uniform consisting of two shirts, two shorts (skirt) and hat by Wilson.

•    Exclusive souvenir volunteer pin 

•    Two tickets to one of the following sessions:

  • Qualifier session, Saturday, August 9 or
  • Sunday,  August 10, day session or
  • Sunday,  August 10, evening, session

•    Access to the Volunteer Lounge area which includes complimentary light snacks and refreshments.

•    Opportunity to purchase 1 - $50 meal allowance card at a reduced price of $25 to be used for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages at the food establishments throughout the tournament grounds.

•    Complimentary volunteer parking in a dedicated area.

•    Volunteer picture credential.

•    Discount in the merchandise tent during the volunteer sale held on the final day of the tournament - Sunday, August 17.  Time -TBD

•    Opportunity to pre-order plants from the plant sale. 


Main Draw Level - Work 7 or more shifts and receive benefits in the Qualifier Level plus:

•    Two tickets to the main draw match (session 5), Monday, August 11th.  


Finalist Level - Work 8 or more shifts and receive benefits above plus 

•  Your choice of either a $10 meal allowance card or the opportunity to purchase a 2nd $50 meal allowance card at half price


Come be a part of the action.  I guarantee that you will make new friends and have the experience of a life time!  Please also remember to refer a friend to volunteer…the tournament could use more ambassadors like yourself.

Questions?  Contact Mary Conner, Director of Volunteers, at 513-665-3822 or

Ballperson Manual 


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